Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cousin's Annie and Nap

Oh I just have to tell you about my Cousin Annie.  She is very close to me, she always there when I need someone to help me out.  She is just about the sweetest of all time.  She is an angel now, but she is an earth angel.  Once in awhile she do go back to the rainbow bridge to see her little brofur Coal and to see the other angels too.

Annie The Traveler

Annie used to travel quite a bit and roamed around gaining enjoyment wherever she could.  A bit on the wild side for awhile.   She went to a place one time and met someone she could never forget, nor get out of her mind.  She didn't get the response she thought she would get, soon she  stayed home at Forget Me Not for a long time.

Little Red Ridinghood Annie

Halloween gave her a good excuse to get out without being noticed.  She dressed up as Little Red Ridinghood.

Can Can Dancer Annie

Annie took up dancing as a Can Can Dancer for a short time, only so she could feel pretty, but she was anyways.

Am I Pretty?  

Canada Day

She went with her furiend to celebrate Canada Day.  They ran a restaurant together too once.  A 50's and 60's place called 'The Border Cafe'.  Had a jukebox and everything.  

Annie With Furiends.

Annie had many furiends of the furmily she hung out with and enjoyed times with.  At her age, she wondered if she'd ever have true love.  And decisions were something she really didn't like having to make.

Showing off her new flock.

She enjoyed showing off to her furiend and they would laugh and have a good time together.

Christmas Ball Gown

The Christmas Ball and Annie was at her peek, head over heels for Nap and he gave her her Heart Necklace that night.  They danced and had a joyous time.

Winter and all was great for her and Nap.  They skated together on the ice and even won a very nice prize in figure skating.

Tragedy struck and Annie couldn't walk, it was in the winter and the place she was injured run over by a car earlier on, began to catch up to her.  She was in severe pain and she couldn't use her legs at all.

Many days in a wheelchair and her fruiend would come and help her and sometimes play cards with her, to make her feel better and not so alone.  He would coax her to try harder to walk again and even carried her on his back.  Desperate to get her up again on her feet, he helped her out lots!

Finally she walked again, with use of a cane.  She began to feel like herself again.  

Annie Held Close

Her furiend became more than just a furiend when on a cruise to the Bahamas, feelings became ever stronger.  Love was born!

They acted like they were on the Titanic!

When they were on the ship, they pretended to be the couple on Titanic and soon the music began.

She got her first butterfly T Shirt!  She was so happy to get that!

Annie on first date with Nap

Her furiend, her love, asked her out on their first date.  They had a great time and he bought her a corsage and all that stuff.

Less than two weeks after their date, Cousin Annie, rushed to the Vet and was very sick.  Said to have a terrible inner ear infection and chance of recovery from a surgery that might have worked out, she didn't want that, the pain and the chance of complications, she didn't want her family to be put through that.  So she didn't make it back home that day.  No time for goodbyes, but she sent a butterfly to tell the rest of us what happened to her.  She went to sleep peacefully,  that is, her natural body did.

Nap rides with her to the cemetary.
We all had a service for her at Forget Me Not, at my church, then to the cemetery.

Songs for Annie were sung....and I cried for her.

 It was a nice service.

 As it was about to end, Annie appeared to Nap, her love, her best furiend.  He wanted her back, as before, yet she was different.

Astonished at her wings, tearful and grieving, he was glad to see her, yet he stood there trembling.  She gave him a hug, he felt it, though puzzled as to why he did.  Soon the rest of us left the cemetery and left them alone to converse with each other.

Angel Annie

Time went by, grief still possessing Nap, as he could not understand why things had to be different.  He had trouble connecting with her as an Angel.  So she had to go back to the Bridge for a time to spend learning how to use her wings and how to be a better Angel.

Angel Annie would come and visit him in his sleep and whisper 'I love you' in his ear.  Not sure if he heard her whispers, Angel Annie was a lonely angel and spent her time on her cloud sleeping.

Then one day, Nap called out for her.  Soon she was in his arms again, tearfully yet joyfully, enjoying each minute of their time together:

This last winter of 2012 the two played in the snow too had lots of fun together.  They frolicked in the cold air and all bundled up they sure did share some great times then.

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentines Day 2012 was a cool day.  They came into my studio for this picture.  I think it is the best one of them together.

Angel Annie, she loves flowers and butterflies.  She sits and waits for them much of the time, while she waits for Nap to come around.

Annie and Nap love to play, horse around and have a good time.  Hey you two, look up, I get a picture!

Wasn't till May of 2012 that things were getting even much better between Annie and Nap.  He asked her to go walking in the meadow this one day and they had them a nice time too.

Nap and Annie walking together.

Annie and Nap laying in the field of flowers.

It was that day that Nap proposed to her and she said 'Yes'.  He give her a real purrty ring and all.

They were married on June 9th 2012

cschumacher4's Annie and Nap Wedding album on Photobucket



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