Monday, March 12, 2012

The Estates of Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Estates

The place I grew up!  Forget Me Not Estates, where my MAMA and I lived together until she passed away only a few months ago.  Still enjoying the mansion and the great furs that come to see me and my furmily here.

TO VISIT US AT FMN  Come to FMN Mansion group at Furiendly Pets.

Welcome to Forget Me Not

Hugging MAMA

MAMA raised me up for my first few years, then we found out she was a diabetic too late.  I sure do miss her warmth and her sweet smile. She still comes to see me and gives me a kiss in the night.

 Music is a huge priority at Forget Me Not!

Cousin Angel Annie  an earth Angel and that is because she is in love with a fur who is still on earth.  I sure do love my  Aunt Annie and we go back a long way.  We did many things together.

She married Napoleon and so that makes his brofur my brofur now I guess, leastwise cousins.

Tansey and Smoke

Uncle Smoke built the mansion for his wife Tansey soon after they were married and they shared many fun times here with furiends and loved ones.  Wasn't long after that we lost my Uncle Smoke, then Aunt Tansey left not long after he did.  They are together forever at the Bridge, the place where we go to await our human families.


Penny lives at the mansion too.  Penny loves to run the exercise club and the swimming pool, she is very athletic.  She'll teach you a lot about fitness and she is very outgoing.


Eclipse was Penny's brofur and he loved to run the Circus at the estates.  Elephants he would train and he, though married at one time, he passed away while he was alone.

Toby J and Nellie

Toby J was Eclipse's and Penny's brofur and he was married to Nellie and lived in their own house, not far from the FMN Estates. They were very happily married.

Aunt Storm E and Mister E

My Aunt Storm E is married to Mister E and they live at the mansion also.  They are so very happy and most of the time they enjoy jut being at home cuddling.

Red and Three

Red and Three also lived at the Mansion and they are my doggie Aunts. I sure do love them very much.

Red was married to Devon and the wedding was wonderful and nice.

Red and Devon
I feel real sad that Red passed away May 2013.  She had a tumor in her stomach that wouldn't allow her to eat anymore.   Devon had left her before she got sick.  She missed him very much till the end.  I think Red was ready to go, she was 11 years old.   Three, her sisfur misses her very much to this day. 

FMN Pool

Many things you can do at Forget Me Not, stay in a luxurious room overlooking a swimming pool.  Penny is the lifeguard here and many pool parties have gone on here.  Take a moonlight swim or just lay out by the pool.

FMN Stables

Come to the stables to ride a horse on a trail ride or anytime.  Storm is the guide for the trail rides.  She rides really good.
Your guide, Storm E

Christmas at Forget Me Not

Christmas is always a magical time at the FMN Estates and some wonderful close furiendships are made during the Holiday Season.  Please enjoy the great picture and music of the times here at my home.  We always share gifts and love for each other.

Check out all my wonderful friends from Christmas 2010 as we went caroling all over to many furiends homes and businesses.

Furiends and Loves Ones Christmas Caroling with me.  I am on the far right!


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