Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cousin Penny

Penny alone at the Pool at Forget Me Not

My Cousin Penny, she is very sweet to me.  I want you to know all about her.  She had two brofurs, Eclipse and Toby J.  I telling you about them at the other articles.

She misses her two brofurs a lot, yet she has her Dad, my Grandma's son, to take care of her.

Penny in shiney dress!

Penny alone at the Hotel

Penny is a model!

She runs the exercise club at Forget Me Not gym and she do a good job too!


Dancing is a love of hers and she used to be a DJ too.  She is very talented, I think.

More about Penny to come,  jus that I haven't had time to get everything here yet.

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