Monday, March 12, 2012

Times With Furiends

I have my furiends and we get together and go fishing and we sometimes just go have something to eat.  Here are some things I done with my furiends that I will never forget.  I will tell you about them.  But before you read on and while you do, please listen to my song won't you?

MAXI and I catch a big fish!

First there is MAXI, he and I go way back, he's like a Dad to me, or an Uncle. We always have fun doing whatever we feel like.  We decided to head out fishing one day.  Turned out to be one long day, just trying to bring this one fish in was a chore, but we got it. I don't think we've went fishing since.  That's okay, we will sooner or later.

Showing Colorado how to bait a hook.
Then there is my furiend Colorado and he's been there for me since I was like real little.  Kind of like a big brother to me.  I use to go to his work place and hang out, till I got into trouble.  Seems a frog had something to do with that.  But oh well, he'd still come to see me and we'd go riding horses and stuff together.  We also went fishing and it was I who had to teach him how to bait a hook.

Colorado drove me around in his car.

Since then, we've done alot of things together, we cruised around checking out the gals too!

Colorado and I sharing at the Ice Caves.

We went to the ice caves and shared some close moments together.  Talking and having a lot of fun.

Happy St Patrick's Day with Simba!

I had fun with my old furiend Simba, we moved away from each other and I'm not sure I'll ever see him again, but one St Patrick's Day we had a blast.  He had a big furmily and we all got together and did alot of fun things too.

Me and Simba

We used to play cowboys too and had so much fun when we were little.

Simba and I cooking over the bbq!

We had a bbq one time and the food and the company was magnificent.  We always had fun together.

Uncle Kibbles and I sharing popcorn.

My Uncle Kibbles and I always shared popcorn and talked alot with each other. He wasn't really my uncle, I just liked calling him that.  He and I also got separated when I had to move away, but I still think about him alot.

Telling Missy to hold on!

Missy Cat, she was very nice, one of my old girlfuriend's, we went to Sea World and had fun together.

Missy and I on our date.

Later on, Missy and I dated once and we went together for awhile.  She went away and so for a long time I never went with anyone else.  Just didn't seem right.  See I met Missy when we were really tiny kitties, even before I met Ashley. Oh let me tell you about Ashley now.......

I had grown up with Ashley and we had alot of fun together.  She was just a wee bit older than I, but we grew up and became engaged.  Well that didn't last long, because of her older sisfur, but I'll always have a place in my heart for her anyways.

Easter with Alexis

I think I found the love of my life in Alexis, yup she sure is nice and I love her very much.

Me and Alexis

Well now, it has been long time and I have met the love of my life and I am engaged now.  It is Alexis and her sister is married to Toby J. You know her alread, her name is Nellie.

Here I give her flowers for the first time.

I got excited that my furiend Milo came to see me, he'll be hangin' with us for a while to come, I am so glad.

He rode with me and MAXI and we went riding and listening to music on the radio in my new car.

It wasn't long ago, well, it was last year that we all set out on the FMN Little Girl, the Yacht that Toby J got for us to all have cruises on, he was the Captain.  Here was our cruise we all took in 2011.   We had so much fun on that cruise.

Come back for more fun here with my furiends....

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  1. can not wait to read more about your life tabby little you are one of the most gifted writers i have known

    1. Thanks MAXI. I can't wait to share more with you too!

  2. love the new story someday soon we will go fishing when things get less busy for me

    1. Thanks, oh MAXI I can't wait to go fishing again. Don't work too hard okay?

  3. tabby little this is the most beautiful page i ever seen it brings back so many memories and good times. Make tears come out of my eyes too

    1. I dab your tears with my shirt, okay? It has been a joy bittersweet to tell my story here, yes it has!