Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cousin's Toby J and Nellie

Nellie and Toby J

Toby J was very nice, he was good to me.  I loved him very much.  He was a great guitar player too.  I sure like listening to his music.

Well hegot married and he spent much of his time with his lovely wife Nellie.

Toby J escorts Nellie.

They went out on the town and had a great time.

They came for Valentine Pictures that night.

Shopping Together

Shopping Still.

They had a great Honeymoon I hear.

Here is their wedding pictures. You'll love them very much.

The Wedding Party

It was a grand wedding with Storm and Penny as bridesmaids and Devon and Eclipse as groomsmen.


Nellies Wedding Necklace

The Getaway Car!

Honeymoon Bed

Toby J was single before he married Nellie and he did many things like play the guitar and just messed around with his family and furiends.  Here is a slideshow of him for you to see.

Nellie and Toby J at the park!

Toby J passed away unexpectedly with his brofur Eclipse.  Leaving his wife Nellie alone, yet he comes down as an Angel to see her once in awhile.   His sisfur Penny misses him and Eclipse a lot. 

More about Toby J to write about, but it's hard right now.

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