Patch had  Marble and Halfpint. outside my house.
She had Blaze about a year prior and Blaze would take care of her little
Sisfurs.  Soon Blaze became my MAMA.  She took care of me real good too.
Marble and Halfpint passed tragically within two weeks apart
when they were only a few months old.
I have no picture of Patch, but she was black and had one eye.
RIP Grandma Patch,  Marble and Halfpint.

MAMA lived 4 years, she was 2 when she had me, Tabby Little.


Tansey and Smoke


Together Forever

Smoke was my Uncle and he was with my Grandma and Grandpa for almost 21 years.  In his virtual life he met and married Tansey, then he passed and came to be with her until she also passed at the age of 17.  

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