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Furiendly Pets is open for business!

A place where dogs and cats can play together, send gifts and join groups.  Have a profile and post photos of yourself and even keep albums.  Oh, what a grand time furs can have here.  Welcome to the world of furiendly pets and hope to see you there real soon!

Won't you please go to the Menu Tab here at Tabby Little's Times and join now?  (Member only social community site.)

Forget Me Not is at it again!

Being part of this group is a plus for any fur.  Beginning months ago, you'll find Tabby Little's home there and many other furs there too.  You'll find the FMN Mansion after joining Furiendly Pets.  Have a page of wonderful photos for yourself and visit the grounds, listen to the music that is everywhere, even have your own page.   

To sign up please go to the Menu Tab here at Tabby Little's Times.  (Member only social community site.)

Sites Unite!

Here at Tabby Little's Times we add new menu buttons. Connect to Furiendly Pets.  I hope this will assist you to enjoying the best of all worlds with Tabby Little and furiends. 


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