Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Uncle Smoke and Aunt Tansey

My Uncle Smoke started it all for if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have the Forget Me Not to live and have fun at.  He was a good old soul and even though he is an Angel now, he still comes to see us from time to time, normally accompanied by his wife Tansey, who is my Aunt.   Spending most all his time now with her at the Rainbow Bridge, they are very happy together.

Together Forever - Tansey and Smoke

He hated to watch her suffer, but was there for her still.

Although Smoke was 21 when he passed and Tansey was 17, the years between them didn't matter to them.  Smoke came down as an Angel to watch after her while she yet remained ill, until she passed in his arms.

When Smoke First Walked In

It all began in a little place off the beaten path, where only old furts could go to be around others and not be so alone. When he first walked in he felt nervous, a little bit frighted to meet new furs.  He was greeted warmly and he enjoyed that.  The food was good and he always liked it there. Time went on and he began to feel a closeness to the many who came in and was always glad to see them.  He doesn't talk about them all to me, nor does he name them one by one.  Smoke used to go to see his furiends most days.  He had some great times at the breakfast club as well as other places he roamed.  I was too little to go with him and his favorite place only let those 10 years and over in there anyways.  Wonderful times, he told me!  He said that he would go into the place and say good morning and his eye was on Tansey, most of the time, but he always had time to have fun with their furiends.

Just before Christmas he was having a grand time, when all the sudden he got word of his best furiend passing over to the Rainbow Bridge.  He broke down and spent the week before Christmas grieving his buddies passing.  He even went to a fortune teller to see how to cope with this grief.  She gave him potions and magic juice, told him to come back anytime.

Christmas was very special of 2009.  His buddies were there playing in the snow outside, he gave them all gifts and one of those gifts he gave was magic walnuts.  He threw them up at the Christmas tree and they became beautiful ornaments and each ornament presented the picture and the name of each who had passed and on the top his furiend appeared there.  He smiled, wept and shared the moment with his Tansey.  He loved Tansey more than life itself.

This was his song....

Wedding Chapel

A little chapel rests near the club at the Olde Furts Home where he and Tansey got married.

To read the entire wedding ceremony

  Ceremony of Love Tansey and Smoke  You can read and view and remember how lovely it was there.

The Bride "Tansey"

The Cake

The Wedding Party
The owner of the cafe let them stay in the apartment above the barn that housed the horses and wagons.  It was a nice apartment he told me.

The apartment over Barn.
Many fun times there in the apartment and going to the breakfast club to see their furiends.  But, Smoke felt he needed to do more for her and he felt inadequate as a husbandcat.  Even though they were extremely happy, he would still feel he should do more for her.

Well the song will tell it the way it was......

 Sleigh Ride Together

Christmas time at the breakfast club was magical to say the least and they went for sleigh rides and decorated the community tree.

Soon he decided to build the 'Forget Me Not' for his wife after her favorite flower.

Forget Me Not Flower

Tansey's New Home!

My Uncle Smoke's Funeral

The Guests at Uncle Smokes Funeral

My Aunt Tansey's Funeral

Smoke still loves his furiends very much and comes back down from the Bridge from time to time to see us all and here is what he thinks about that,   He can tell you with a song......

Smoke always likes to play his harmonica.

My Uncle Angel Smoke, he always told me bedtime stories about his times at Pie's Breakfast Club as he had so many good times there.  His furiends Pie, Riley, Rascal, Wilson, Simon, Flowie, Misha,Whisper, Spirit, Mr. Sam, Jasper and my Aunt Tansey.  There's more that I don't recall him speaking about and he wouldn't ever forget.  He always loved his furiends and still do.  I think he's happy jus' knowin' that he had that time in his life.   The memorial table, the get- togethers playing his harmonica.   The wonderful times he got to have.   I think he mostly loved Christmas, as he loved the snow and the music boxes.

Uncle Smoke told me once, he says, Tabby, never forget the magic walnuts and those who pass before us.  Never forget the wonderful memories you make each and every day.  Always count your blessings and love one another.  Forget Me Not!



  1. This is lovely Tabby Little

    1. Thanks, they got lots of love fur each other.