Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cousin Eclipse

Eclipse shares with his furiends.

My Cousin Eclipse is like a brofur to me, he shares a lot with me and I love him alot.  I'll tell you all about him here and show you his pictures too.

Working out at the gym!

Working out at the gym at Forget Me Not, he tries to stay in shape.  Sometimes he will let me use his weights now, cause I have grown up some.

Eclipse loves the Circus and trains elephants there.

Eclipse on the computer with furiends.

He likes to stay in touch with his furiends.  Although he doesn't get out much to mingle in large groups much, he still do like to hang out with me, so that's good.

Eclipse passed away unexpectedly with his brofur Toby J.  Leaving Penny all alone......more about Eclipse when I can talk about is hard.

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